Embracing the Mystical Self

It is my pleasure to create and hold the space for the Mystery School teachings. The focus is on raising our energy vibration and opening the sacred heart by being porters of light. My guides told me today to teach from the heart, it is our heart that inspires the earth's new frequency to awaken, not the head. We will discover the connection with the knowing by working in the 5th dimension and higher. I am excited to present a new year of classes that will continue to support community, your spiritual growth, strengthen your healing abilities, connect you with nature and with the knowing as you grow and discover yourself.

Mystery School teachings are knowledge that is given when the students are ready. So the class is created from what is in the highest good for everyone that day, therefore I can give ideas of what the new series may hold, but it may not stick to a planned schedule. The dates for the class are set; the topics however, are not. The classes will continue with the similar style of last year's session - doing dream work and interpretations, meditations, healing, journey work and of course, new topics and exercises.

Some of the new topics that will be introduced this session are:

  • Self-Mastery Raising Vibrations to 5th dimension or higher
  • Sacred Geometry used in healings and meditations
  • Soul Memory Discovery Healing
  • Time Lines in healing -- Ancestral Healing -- Clearing the Collective Matrix
  • Quantum Dimensional Shifting -- what else is possible?
  • Divination through nature -- Journey work for others -- Shamanic Soul Retrieval
  • Prophecy and Channeling of the Higher Self
  • Connecting with your guides -- Healing and much more

Future Schedule To be Determined:

Time:  10 AM - 2 PM

Fee:     $65 for each class, or
Save big by paying $550 for the whole 10-month series in advance. Cash, checks and all credit cards accepted.

Registration and Info:

Please call to Reserve your space at:
(520) 825-4645.

Mailing address will be provided when you reserve your space.