Partner With Your Authentic Heart
Six-Week Series

The year 2022 is considered a building year for our heart desires, relationships, family and home - all being built or rebuilt from Love. What would it look like if you built a relationship with your true authentic self and all your natural abilities from a place of Love? Love simply opens the space for you to re-member (gather all your parts), to awaken these talents and claim your power and to give it permission to be part of your everyday life.

“Where can I even find my authentic self”, you may ask. Just below the surface of our physical consciousness is a sacred space within each person. This sacred space houses a spark of energy that is just waiting for permission to be an expression for the greater good. This energy is called our authentic self or heart’s desire and can even be viewed as the soul’s purpose. This is the part of ourselves that has never forgotten that we are spiritual light beings having a human experience and are fully awake, alive and aligned with our purpose.

As we start building this new relationship with the authentic self from love, we may also realize the need to build a stronger energy foundation for our home base. Home is the place where you can feel totally comfortable and at peace within. Home is where we reclaim lost or hidden gifts, talents and abilities that may have gotten disconnected long ago. Perhaps they have been set aside because of fears, judgments, not trusting self or the need to belong and fit in. This New Energetic Home is where our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are in harmony with each other, working together to support and encourage your growth

I am offering one of my favorite classes - Partner with your Authentic Heart, a six-week series on Thursday Evenings from 5:00-6:30 PM (Arizona Time).

I offer guidance and support through a series of live, on-line classes that meet once a week. These teachings bridge modern knowledge with an eclectic blend of ancient spiritual principles. Each class provides a mixture of individual instruction, group activities and hands-on experiences in a fun, relaxed and safe space where everyone is encouraged.

The foundation built in this class can allow your intuition and healing abilities to be awakened while activating a remembrance of who you really are and a sense of your true purpose from deep within your authentic heart’s desires. This class can be helpful for all levels of development. Whether you are new to spiritual growth or have studied many teachings and have been on your path for years; what I have found is that every time we connect into the Divine Quantum energetic field, we all build a stronger relationship with our sacred selves.

  • February 24    Discover Your Abilities
    Discover your own innate abilities and which skills you have already developed and are using in your everyday life. Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or are you an empath, a channel, or a medium? Explore the different beliefs about energy protection and experience many techniques that have been passed down for centuries to prevent your energy from being drained by clients or people around you. Become aware of the subtle differences you notice after creating a sacred space using color, mantra, sound or the power of prayer and visualization.
  • March 3    Being Balanced
    What kind of day do you want to experience today? Learn a valuable exercise that can easily be done daily to help you feel centered and balanced no matter what life brings. This is an essential skill to prevent absorbing other people’s emotions or issues, and to learn how to remedy it if you already have. Practice a meditation to enhance and strengthen your energy field while developing your abilities to hold focus and healing intention.
  • March 10    Re-connecting to Yourself
    Learn to connect the three points of power. This powerful technique is necessary for anyone who has ever questioned what they are supposed to be doing with their life. This activation helps to connect your divine source and soul’s agreement into physical action. Work in a collective group for global healing while developing your multi-sense perceptions of energy. Discover your sending and receiving hands and psychic gloves for hands-on-healings.
  • March 17    The Chakra System
    Learn how to read, strengthen, and balance your own energy field, and develop a clear understanding of each chakra center and how they work together. Practice working with a pendulum to witness your chakra before and after the activation process. There is a universal law that says “we are never given anything more than we can handle” so to the degree that your weakest chakra is operating that is the amount of intuitive information you can receive, learning how to enhance and balance your chakra system will automatically allow you to receive and intuit more information.
  • March 24    Release Blocks
    You will go deeper into the ways of healing; training yourself to look for what is underneath the symptom to find the core issue that really needs the healing energy. Develop the abilities to sense and recognize these energy blocks in yourself or others, plus practice the skills necessary to re-pattern limiting beliefs to release the ancestral past and expand your potential in all areas of your life.

  • March 31    The Divine Crystalline Matrix
    The Divine Crystalline Matrix: Learn how to create your own inner healing sanctuary in the heart and connect with your own personal inner circle of guides, angels, teachers or whomever you wish. We walk through the 12 multi-dimensionally levels activating remembrance and a powerful healing space that you can use often.


I have found great joy and much gratitude during the 25 years that I have taught these classes, in being able to hold witness as each individual creates a strong, healthy energetic foundation while awakening, reclaiming and transforming from self-doubts and fears into self-confidence, trust and empowerment by the end of the series.

Email support is available for the six weeks if you desire.

In the fourth week we will be playing with pendulums. If you need one to work with, I can mail one for $15.00 - that includes tax and postage.

Dates for 2022:

  • Thursday evenings
  • February 24
  • March 3
  • March 10
  • March 17
  • March 24
  • March 31

Time:  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (Arizona Time)
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Fee:   $295, payment options available.

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted as well as pay by check. If paying by check, contact me by email or phone to reserve your spot. Address will be given at that time.

Wish to refresh or repeat to deepen your skills? Join this series for only $50.

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