Power Animals and Spirit Guides -- Two-Week Teleconference Course


What is a power animal or animal totem? Does everyone have one? How many do we have at one time? How do we know which animal is our power animal? How do you connect with them? Do our animals' friends have power animals? During this two-week series, we will have explored and answered these questions and much more.

In the first week, we will look at the definition of a power animal or animal totem, and how they are here as helpers and guides for us. We will journey into the subconscious realms to meet up with your very own helper, where they may have a message, direction, or even a healing for you.

In the second week, we will learn two different techniques of gathering a power animal on the behalf of an animal. This is very helpful for animals that are sick, have experienced a trauma, or are fearful or anxious about life. Reconnecting an animal to their own totem can give them a new-found strength and courage to experience life differently.

When we learn to connect with our power animal and listen to that small voice within that is guiding us, we give permission for our intuition, creativity, and creative imagination to expand bridging our world and the subtle realms of the universe together into unlimited potential.

Join me in this fun and interactive teleconference workshop.

**Remember that if you are unable to participate "live", all classes are immediately available for download and you are ALWAYS included in the energetic community. To further assist you between classes, my assistant is available to answer questions by email at Journey to Healing

*** Note: You can now enjoy a self-paced animal communication training program anytime. The recordings and materials from previous classes are now available for purchase. Contact Linda for more information at Journey to Healing.

Dates for 2018:

  • July 10, Tuesday
  • July 17, Tuesday

Time:  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (PDT)

Fee:    $100
PayPal and all major credit cards accepted or pay by check is available.

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