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Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences

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Flower essences, remedies or drops as they are sometimes called, might also be considered "metaphysical herbs," because they work on a beyond-the-physical level of our being. Think for a moment about the power and beauty of flowers - their ability to cheer, to inspire, to comfort. Births, birthdays, illnesses, weddings, funerals - all are significant life experiences traditionally accompanied by bouquets of flowers.

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We all know what our faults are, perhaps better than anyone. But how many of us recognize our strengths? The term theme essence is just that: a way to acknowledge the positive traits in our personalities. Are you cheerful and even-minded under all circumstances? Then you're probably a Cherry theme. Do you love learning new things and challenging your mind? You are most likely an Avocado theme.

Try this simple quiz, just for fun, to see which flower essence, or essences, you resemble. Check the qualities that best describe your personality, and then use the list of essences below as the Answer Key. Three out of three checks indicates your theme essence; two out of three, or an additional three out of three, means a possible sub-theme, or secondary predominant personality strength. If you find you have several of each, as many people do, try to prioritize which qualities are uppermost in your nature. Printing this questionnaire will make its use much easier.

And, for our animal friends, this questionnaire, can help broaden your perspective and invite you into the world of the animals you love. Because animals live in their feelings and instincts, they are highly receptive to flower essences - herbal tinctures for strength and balance. Printing this questionnaire will make its use much easier.

Many people find that an evaluation of this nature is a helpful tool in assessing the flower essence needs of their animal friends. Some of the questions are species-specific, such as litter box problems; others are more general, as with loneliness. The emotional state of fear, for example, is the same for a horse as for a hamster, so species or breed specifics are often irrelevant. In addition to the questions in this questionnaire, it is important to consider other factors, such as natural instincts; the influence of other pets, adults, and children in the household/property; owner-created problems; appropriate training; diet, exercise, and various health-related factors; and most important, the presence of a loving, committed care giver. Last, always rule out medical causes with veterinary care.

Click on this link for a quick and easy reference guide on the uses for both people and animals:

Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences Reference.


  • 0.5 oz bottle, $12.95 ea.
  • 1.0 oz bottle: Personal dowsed combination, $15.00 ea.
  • 2.0 oz bottle: custom mixture, $23.00 ea.
  • *includes shipping and handling

For larger orders, please inquire at the time of placing your order.

For more information and for availability and current pricing for the products listed here, contact Linda, at  (520) 825-4645  and leave a message.

Color Essences


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Scientifically formulated from years of highly effective Colorpuncture Chromatherapy treatments with people and animals, these easy to apply vibrational mists now make it possible to experience the powerful benefits of color healing at home. These sprays are free from fragrances, preservatives, and dyes.

Using the chart provided, select Color Essences colors based upon individual properties listed at left, or consult the Quickfind Guide of symptoms below.

Choose from 16 Color Frequencies in lined, unbreakable 2.5 oz. sprays.

Pricing:      $20 ea. or 3 for $45 plus $5 ea. for shipping.

For more information and for availability and current pricing for the products listed here, contact Linda at  (520) 825-4645  and leave a message.



color frequencies
chose from 16 specific vibrations & their individual properties


Physical Body Colors
Subtly Energy Field Colors



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