Thank you, Linda!
The session was amazing, and I will recommend you to others. I greatly appreciate your gifts and abilities.

Hi Linda,
I am thrilled with what happened the other day during what I thought was going to be a session about my dogs. Yes, like always you gave me great insights into my 4-legged kids, but you also picked up on the state that I was in (just barely hanging in there). With kindness and compassion in your voice, you asked if I would be willing to have you do some energy work on me? Within seconds, yes seconds!......I started to feel the layers and layers of heaviness lifted off my body. I left that call feeling like a new person; stronger and confident that I can handle whatever life brings to me. Weeks later, I can say that is still how I am feeling. I am forever grateful for the help that I have gotten from you for my animals and now for me as well. Much love to you,

Thank you Linda...
Your Animal Communication Course meant more to me than you can know..it got me back in touch with what I do naturally; but because of some traumatic stuff in my life...I did not practice these skills... I learned so much from you and want to thank you for your beautiful spirit and loving kindness to all...

Well, I have to tell you writing this testomonial on the 2017 Gifts from the Gray Whales' Retreat brought back wonderful memories. You'll have to keep me in mind for the next trip. I would love to be able to go.

This trip was incredible! We had wonderful weather, water, scenery and people. The whales were welcoming and so were our camp hosts. San Ignacio Lagoon is such a peaceful, relaxing and special place. The whale that blew next to me Linda said, "I saw a rainbow around you," and I had a big smile as I felt the whale's breath energize me. It was such an amazing trip! I am so glad I went and would love to do this trip again.

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your abilities/gifts. Lucky quit wetting in the house immediately after your session with us, and that lasted two weeks before a little relapse. He is not growling fiercely or presenting attack mode around people. He comes to me when I want him off the bed, which he did not before. He is a much more pleasant pet now, and I am just so grateful for those changes. Thank you.

I have taken many of Linda's classes and had a variety of healing sessions with her. I've found her gentle compassion, humor and non-judgmental acceptance profoundly touching and inspiring. Beyond her wonderful healing abilities, her psychic abilities and insights are always right on target. Her passion for healing and helping others along their journey of growth imbues all that she does. She is a truly remarkable soul.

Dear Linda,
This picture speaks volumes - two earth angels sharing and communicating. Your animal communication class was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge and expertise - fabulous! I've already marked the next class on my calendar. Thank you again. Namaste,

Dear Linda,
I am absolutely amazed at the difference in my little Cassie since our session this spring. She has made leaps and bounds in getting more confident and less fearful every day. She no longer runs frantically for cover when the doorbell rings. There just aren't words to thank you for what you've given to both Cassie and me. What you do is truly miraculous! The Universe is definitely a better place because of you and I am blessed to have shared your precious gift.

Haley, our black pug, is improving every day. You have given us help when no one else could. We sincerely appreciate it!
Many thanks,

Dear Linda,
I am so touched and grateful for your help with our Polish hen Gladys. Your insights and tenderness have resonated in my heart ever since and I can't thank you enough. Gladys is recovering, and this from the brink of death! There is something about this proud, adorable and precious soul that captures my heart and I thank you so deeply for your generous, genuine heart.

Dear Linda,
Stan and I would like to thank you for your aid in guiding us through Duke's illness. We were beside ourselves with what was wrong with Duke. I had taken him to our vet for blood tests, knowing that something was not right. The physical exam and blood tests were inconclusive. Friends finally guided us to you. How wonderful it was to finally have some answers to our questions. Your guidance helped our vet to give Duke the proper treatments that he so desperately needed. Thank you,

Hi Linda,
Thanks so much for your help with the rabbits. I am amazed at how insightful and in-tuned you are to them! What an asset you are. Again many thanks.

Dear Linda,
I can't thank you enough for all your help with my animals. I would have given up on Rusty if not for you. She is eating well, getting stronger and thriving again.

Dear Linda,
Thank you so much. I feel a hundred percent better about the whole situation with Copper. This is the first time I have ever worked with an animal communicator and the experience was awesome! Thanks again and many, many blessings to you.

Dear Linda,
I cannot begin to thank you for the help and kindness you gave Lips and me with his transition. I am not sure I could have made it through this without your help. At his passing, I felt his peace. It was an incredible experience and I have you to thank for giving me the awareness to do this. You are an incredible and beautiful person and I am grateful you have come into my life.

Dear Linda,
I really enjoyed talking with you. The results have been amazing! You have a very happy client here and will be letting others know! Thanks so much.

Linda's talents have been and continue to be, invaluable in helping me heal myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. After each session with her I have felt more centered, peaceful and whole than before. In two separate instances - the onset of TMJ and lower back pain - I have been symptom free by the next day. Linda's kindness and guidance have been great blessings in my own 'Journey to Healing'.

About four years ago I began to suffer from an incredible and undiagnosed pain in my lower abdomen. The problem continued to escalate and I feared for my life, as I knew there was no way a healthy body could feel that way. I was hesitant to seek medical help since I had no insurance and because I had become quite unimpressed with medication and regular AMA health care. Finally my discomfort grew so all pervasive and impossible to ignore that I decided to go to the Emergency Room.

I called Linda about my condition and she drove all the way across town to my house and administered her hands on healing techniques. She ran energy into different parts of my body, until finally her hands reached the lower left abdomen where the pain was concentrated. I would not have believed from my previous energy work experiences, that such power could pour out of the hands of a human being. It felt hotter than fire and I felt it moving through my skin and flesh into my organs. My body drank in this energy desperately, with great gratitude. I never knew my body could feel a gratitude more profound than any I had ever experienced with my mind or heart. She ran this energy for what seemed a long time. My body started to feel lighter than air, and began to rise ever so slightly off the mat to meet with her hands. I would have thought I imagined this, but after the session Linda, without surprise or pride in her voice, said, "You started to levitate at the end there." After the session I felt completely transformed. After the healing crisis I had the next day, I felt completely free of the illness that had begun to debilitate me. I was and remain very grateful to this kind, sweet woman and her marvelous healing powers.