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Personal Development Classes
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Linda offers a series of classes and workshops designed to take the student along the path of self knowledge, awareness, understanding and self empowerment as they journey along their spiritual path. Each series builds on the previous course, deepening and enhancing the student's confidence in their skills and abilities.

Linda offers support and encouragement in a safe, relaxed and fun environment, while holding a non- judgmental and compassionate resonance, which helps students feel comfortable testing their skills. She helps students during the exercises, meditations and hands-on activities with feedback from her incredibly perceptive psychic insights, showing where their energy is blocked or flowing well, or helping them to gain insight, discernment and understanding to correctly interpret the information they are receiving. Students come away with confidence in their own unique and special gifts.

Have you noticed how fast paced life seems to be, constantly juggling the demands of career, family, and other obligations only to feel there's not enough time for yourself or the things you really want to do? It was once said, "In order to create a change, you need to be the change." Give yourself the gift of time and be the change, let your spirit and dreams have priority! Learn to slow down the external world while internally raising your awareness and energetic vibrations, creating balance and harmony within and watch that harmony ripple out like a pebble in a pond, affecting the greater whole of everything around you.

Awaken the
Intuitive Healer

It is my belief that we are all born with intuitive abilities. Often when children are young, they don’t have the support team to help them understand their dreams, premonitions, visions and their sense of knowing - all intuitive abilities that they have experienced. This frightens them, and many close down their abilities. When the empathic child feels that there is a problem in the house or with a parent, the child asks, “What is wrong with daddy?” and the mother says, “Nothing is wrong; everything is fine”, this teaches the child not to trust what he or she is feeling. This starts the life-long battle of self-doubt, second guessing oneself and not trusting one's instincts. Even more, we are hard wired from our ancestors to belong to a group. Safety often depended on fitting in and being the same. Going against the grain meant being cast out and left all alone, to perish, so it was imperative to fit in and belong. We then learned to close down our abilities instead of embracing them to avoid being "different", thus forming an old sub-conscious program that still plays in our minds

One of the reasons that I love teaching this series is because it gives the steps and permission to come home to oneself while allowing the student to claim his or her gifts and abilities that were often abandoned in early childhood.

Anyone can learn these skills, and I offer you guidance and support through a series of classes that meet once a month. These teachings bridge modern knowledge with an eclectic blend of ancient spiritual principles. Each class provides a mixture of individual instruction, group activities, and hands-on experiences in a fun, relaxed and safe space where everyone is encouraged. It has brought me great joy through the 18 years of teaching these classes to witness the transformation of individuals from self-doubts and fears into self-confidence, trust and empowerment by the end of the series.

Develop the
Healer Within

Explore the unlimited possibilities of your true potential. These classes can be the treasure map to your own intuitive wisdom that bridges modern knowledge with an eclectic blend of ancient spiritual principles. Each class provides a mixture of individual instruction, group activities, and hands-on practice experiences, in a fun, relaxed and safe space where everyone is encouraged. Many have found it easier to develop their authentic healing abilities in a group-community that supports growth, learning and self-healing. So whether you're interested in the whole series, or would like to pick and choose the individual month's topic, give yourself permission to explore and uncover your hidden strengths and gifts.

Embracing the
Mystical Self

It is my pleasure to create and hold the space for the Mystery School teachings. The focus is on raising our energy vibration and opening the sacred heart by being porters of light. My guides told me today to teach from the heart, it is our heart that inspires the earth's new frequency to awaken, not the head. We will discover the connection with the knowing by working in the 5th dimension and higher. I am excited to present a new year of classes that will continue to support community, your spiritual growth, strengthen your healing abilities, connect you with nature and with the knowing as you grow and discover yourself.

Mystery School teachings are knowledge that is given when the students are ready. So the class is created from what is in the highest good for everyone that day, therefore I can give ideas of what the new series may hold, but it may not stick to a planned schedule. The dates for the class are set; the topics however, are not. The classes will continue with the similar style of last year's session - doing dream work and interpretations, meditations, healing, journey work and of course, new topics and exercises.